10 Ways to Promote Relationship Success

10 Ways to Promote Relationship Success:

  • Work toward your emotional calm; think objectively and clearly; speak and act constructively.
  • Express appropriate emotional needs, i.e. “I need you” rather than the expectation of “you must take care of me”.
  • Don’t be a victim of other people’s emotional state and avoid take on their anxiety.
  • You are responsible for your own happiness.
  • Changes your ineffective behaviours without expectations of the other, i.e. be less needy or be less critical
  • Be empathetic, look for reasons behind the anxiety of others, so you can be less reactive, and be more responsive.
  • Don’t take on the emotions of the people around you. You have a choice.
  • You can’t be loved, liked, approved of, accepted or nurtured by everyone.
  • Focus on you at least 51% of the time, it’s important to self-care.
  • Make important relationship decision calmly and thoughtfully instead of making them based on impulsive feelings.
  • You can’t rewrite history but you can write a new narrative.
  • Focus on the future.