career counselling isabelle truong Do you feel stuck in your career? Are you unhappy at work?  Are you unsure about which direction to follow? …. then career counselling can help you find the answers already within you, just waiting for you to realise them so you can live an authentic and satisfying life.

In the last three decades, the nature of the employment world has changed considerably. We now live in a world full of uncertainty and change as a result of globalisation, downsizing, advancing technology, and increased diversity, with women and minorities  entering the work force.  People can no longer depend on permanent employment with one company, or even following one career path, throughout their working lives.

You now need to self-manage your career by developing positive psychological attitudes such as flexibility, tolerance  for ambiguity, resilience, proactivity, and openness to learning applicable to the work environment.  Emotional intelligence competencies are required more than ever to achieve success in the workplace. Career development is now viewed as multi-directional and multi-levelled, and nowadays encompasses the individual, the environment, interaction and change.

I work closely with clients to address their “life-career development”. I take a holistic approach in that I attend to both their career and personal-emotional issues as these are intertwined and impact on one another.  All other aspects of my client’s life such as the roles of (employee, parent, community member); the setting (home, work, school); life events (first job, marriage, illness, and retirement) are also taken in consideration.