10 Ways to Promote Relationship Success

10 Ways to Promote Relationship Success: Work toward your emotional calm; think objectively and clearly; speak and act constructively. Express appropriate emotional needs instead of insisting on some pre-determined behaviour from the partner, i.e. “I need you” rather than the expectation of “you must take care of me”. Don't be a victim of other people's emotional state and avoid take on their anxiety. You are responsible for your happiness. The other person can’t make you happy. Observe your pattern of behaviour and make changes without expectations of the other, i.e. be less needy or be less critical Look for reasons behind the anxiety of others, so you can be less reactive, and able to manage yourself better around them. Don't take on the emotions of the people around you. You have a choice. You can't be loved, liked, approved of, accepted or nurtured by everyone. Focus on you at least 51% of the time, so that you can be less critical of yourself or not blame someone else. It's important to make relationship decision calmly and thoughtfully instead of making them based on impulsive feelings. Stop worrying too much about the past, as it is often damaging to relationships. You can't rewrite history. Focus on the future. Stop seeking / expecting others to nurture you like how you were nurtured or want to be nurtured by your parents or primary carer.

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How to progress to the next step after your first date?

How to progress to the next step after your first date? Wow, you have finally met “the one” or “soul mate” - you are excited and nervous, what’s next? But as everyone who has ever been in a relationship knows that it takes more than chemistry, GSOH etc... to make a relationship progress to the next stage of commitment. * First Date You went out on your first date and had a great time. You felt that you have many shared interests, same sense of humour and definitely some attraction. Good start but remember to slow down! While it’s good to be open, but to disclose too much about yourself, past relationships and what you are looking for too soon can be overwhelming for your potential partner and can be a major turnoff. You can’t rush a relationship just because you are ready to commit. Let the relationship develop at its own pace, so that a solid foundation for friendship and trust can be established. * Being a Couple Once you have acknowledged mutual interest and ready to progress to the next phase of your relationship - being a couple; you can then self-disclose more; discuss your physical and emotional needs and your dreams and expectations etc... Here are some tips on how to grow your relationship successfully: Make time for each other – relationship is like a living plant, it requires tender loving care to grow and blossom. Show your partner how important they are to…

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