What is mediation?

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Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a process of dispute resolution which encourages the parties in dispute to identify the issues, develop various settlement options, and negotiate a resolution which is acceptable to them with the assistance of an impartial person, the mediator, to facilitate the process.

It is usually better to resolve dispute through mediation than litigation or arbitration. Mediation is suitable for all disputes regardless of their complexity or number of parties involved.

What are the advantages of mediation?

  • Cost and time effective
  • Voluntary, Informal
  • Create your own solutions
  • Maintain the power to decide
  • Private and confidential
  • Mutually satisfactory outcomes
  • Workable and implementable decisions
  • High rate of compliance from all participants


What is Family Dispute Resolution (FDR)

The family law system encourages separated or divorced parents to attend family dispute resolution (FDR) first to make ‘genuine effort’ to resolve their disputes in relation to their children and parenting matters before resorting to go to court.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles and other important adults in the lives of children can also use family dispute resolution to come to an agreement about these sort of disputes.

I am an accredited and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) with the Attorney General. I am impartial and even-handed when facilitating the mediation process; I do not control the content that is discussed. What is discussed is confidential and cannot be used in court, however confidentiality is subject to limitations established in law.

I assist separated couples to sort out their disputes about:

  • Children and parenting
  • Division of Property
  • Visiting access

I can assist the concerned parties to:

  • Communicate with each other respectfully
  • Identify issues which need to be resolved
  • Share of relevant information
  • Explore ideas and generate options
  • Reality test possible solutions
  • Put decisions and agreements in writing

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I am authorised to issue Section 60I Certificate. This certificate is required before you can apply to go to court about parenting matters. It will prove to the court that you have attempted mediation but it was not successful or it is not suitable in your case.

Mediation Service Fees

$215 – 1h30m Pre-assessment per person
$185 – 1 hour session / per person
$485 – 3 hours session / per person

** All Fees are subject to change without notice**

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24 hours cancellation notice or full fees will be charged.
Payment by Eftpos, Visa or Master Card will incur an additional charge of 2.4%.