What is career counselling?

What is career counselling? Career counselling is just like any other kind of personal counselling you seek when you: don’t know what you want to do feel stuck in a dead end job are unhappy at work unsure which career direction to take are not progressing in your career If you can relate to any of these feelings, then seeking help from a career counsellor would be beneficial. A career counsellor can help you understand who you are; what you want out of your life and your career by helping you explore: your interests, skills, abilities, values and goals. Perhaps more importantly, a career counsellor can offer you support while you are making a life / career transition because career and personal issues are often interlinked, the imminent change and decision-making can be extremely daunting. People tend to fall into one of the four stages of life categories listed below. By tuning in to your natural skills and abilities, understanding yourself, knowing which stage you are in, the world of work and your place in it - this knowledge would give you the freedom to explore not one, but several career paths available throughout your life. Four stages of life: The Exploratory stage (ages 17 -27) – people at this entry level are usually concern about discovering who they are, how they fit in the work force and how to negotiate early career decisions. The 30’s Transition (ages 28 -29) – at this stage people have already…

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