Counselling has been extremely helpful in resolving my problems. Although this was extremely difficult and at times painful, it allowed me to really understand my emotions, their underlying causes and how they were shaping my adult behaviour.  Before meeting Isabelle I was unhappy with myself, ashamed of my differences, unable to openly discuss and deal with my emotions and problems.  I’m now confident and happy with the person I am. I now have much more meaningful relationships with the people around me because I’m not trying to be someone that I’m not. Overall, my life has changed drastically since receiving counselling from Isabelle.“ – AZ

Overall the counselling process worked well and I felt supported and understood. My increase in confidence improved the way I interact with others and I am now more decisive in expressing what I want, and saying “no” to people as opposed to always trying to please everyone, and always coming short. I also have a better understanding of my wife’s anxiety and depression, and how to cope with it…. Isabelle has helped us improve a lot since we started counselling and I think she is great at understanding the core issues of our relationship.MK

I must say that your support and sessions have been of immense value and significance. I was in a very difficult place when I first came to see you and the process has certainly changed all that. Very few people have had such an impact on my life over the years – I will be for ever grateful to you. KW

I was feeling disconnected from my partner. Isabelle taught us new ways to communicate with each other when we were feeling angry or upset. We still have disagreements but we’re better able to handle them without either of us shutting down. I felt supported and understood. I liked that Isabelle challenged me and wasn’t afraid to push us to consider things we might not have been willing to discuss on our own.” NR

I got out of a negative crisis spin cycle quite quickly, which I certainly wouldn’t have without therapy. I learnt that the failure of marriage doesn’t make you a failure. I feel calmer and more positive about the future, be less hard on myself. It’s been the most useful and insightful therapy I’ve ever had.OL

We both felt very comfortable with Isabelle. She called us on a lot of things I believe others may have let slide and she actively pushed us to explore our relationship further and strengthen it for the years to come. We communicate better and realise our triggers now. When things get difficult we know the tools we have to best address this.JM

I think your sessions have been just brilliant for us. I feel lucky and grateful that we found someone so experienced and frank and who we both like and trust.” – NB

Without a doubt, we have found the sessions very enlightening and constructive, we have both grown individually and as a couple” – SS

My counselling experience with Isabelle has been positive, productive and worthwhile. I feel better equipped to navigate my feelings as they arise. I also feel it has allowed me to look at the bigger picture, rather than focusing on small stuff or what I’m focused on. I plan to continue on-going coaching with Isabelle.” – LC

Counselling has helped improve the quality of our relationship. What I’ve learnt is that: my happiness should come directly from me, not from my partner; holding on to grudges and holding lofty expectations of my partner is detrimental to relationship progress…. Isabelle’s approach is calm and collected. She provided us with simple, well thought out advice passed on in an unbiased manner. I’d definitely come back and see Isabelle if the need arises and have already recommended her service to others.” – HM

Our relationship was breaking down and we weren’t being intimate. The couple counselling led me to have solo sessions as I have trouble expressing my feelings or even feeling them. This has been very helpful, we are communicating much more freely & openly, which has solved a lot of problems. The tools we were given have really helped. It’s been very rewarding, Isabelle is so intuitive, she helps put my muddled thoughts & strong emotions into words and into perspective. I’m better equipped to deal with difficult situations. I have more confidence & trust in myself.“-  MM

My counselling experience with Isabelle has been thorough, caring, thought-provoking and the start of challenging and re-wiring the hard-wired. I’ve become more open, considerate, aware and optimistic, as well as emotionally stronger. I felt challenged and aware. I’m very grateful for Isabelle’s help in finding the doors that need to be found.”LB

I’d describe my counselling experience with Isabelle as – tough love! Direct, frank advice and guidance. I am now more aware of my behavioural tendencies around work, and decision making in general and have more tools for dealing with my poor work habits and procrastination (still lots of room for improvement!). I also am better equipped at communicating with my wife and understanding her feelings.”CY

My counselling experience with Isabelle is challenging in a positive way. Isabelle asks me the questions I attempt to run away from. I find her direct approach immensely valuable. Since I’ve had counselling, I have become more self confident and aware of what I can achieve. I now see Isabelle on a monthly basis for professional coaching/mentoring and would recommend Isabelle highly.” – AB

I really liked working with Isabelle. I really felt as though she understood how I felt and provided good and workable solutions/suggestions to progress our relationship and our feelings. I felt completely supported and I was impressed with how quickly she understood our issues and our personalities…. My husband and I are communicating better. There are fewer arguments and we are less hostile with each other.JB

I actually want to really thank you. Even with just a few sessions you really helped me understand my issues with alcohol. It took me a little while, and I had one or two set backs initially, but then I got into a rhythm and better habits of not drinking before I go out, and alternating drinks with lots of water….  It was hard initially, but once I started, how good I felt in every way really stuck with me 🙂 I so agree with what you said, in once you value yourself and your relationship you become stronger in making the right choices, that has definitely been the case with me, so thank you again for helping me 🙂” – BO

We have been seeing Isabelle as a couple for almost a year now. There are no words to express how grateful we are to her for helping our marriage. But to put it simply: we would not be a family any more if it were not for her counselling.  Isabelle continually provided advice and support, but never forced us to make any decisions about our marriage or judged what was the right thing to do. She slowly guided us to become a more optimistic, affectionate couple and helped us to forgive each other for our past and start a new chapter in our marriage. We have had 2 other couple counsellors in the past 5 years, but we were not able to make progress in our marriage. Isabelle has been different. She provides much more personal approach and support, we never got the feeling that she was just doing her job and filling up the hour. She is passionate about her work and healing. She gave us lots of practical advice such as weekly exercises for us to do as a couple, so we really felt that she has a plan of how to help us make progress and the sessions were all very focused and effective.  We have a small 3 year old boy and Isabelle has been very accommodating and flexible in arranging the session times that work for both her and us. Couple counselling with Isabelle has been the best investment we have ever had as a family.” – K. and M.

Through counselling, I was able to admit that I have an addiction issue and got over the problem. I’ve gained more trust and confidence in myself to take action. Have more energy to do things after seeking help from Isabelle.  It is like the light has come back to my eyes. I am now seeking a relationship that is more suited to my needs. I understand that it’s better to walk away than accept things based on appearance or that may look good on the paper. I am reaching out to friends a little more to stay in touch as well. I feel supported and understood.” – IL

As far as inner transformation is concerned there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is create a space for transformation to happen, for grace and love to enter.” – Thank you for creating this space for our family.” – KS

I saw Isabelle with my ex partner in couple counselling because he was threatening and abusive to me. She gave us the tools to change our behaviour, which really helped us. I really enjoyed working with Isabelle. It took me a while to get used to her style but once I did, I really liked it. I felt I could trust her 100% and she was being very supportive to me, as I had no family to support me in Australia. Therapy has definitely changed me, and I understand certain aspects of myself much better now. It also helped me understand my ex partner’s behaviour, and why he was treating me and others the way he did….” –Victoria

“…. Although it took me a while to get use to the whole concept of “spilling the beans”, I really trusted Isabelle and valued the sessions I had with her. She helped me achieve clarity in my life, and make decisions that I am now very happy with. Working with Isabelle has helped me solve many issues and move forward in my life. It is even worth giving the ‘fluffy’ stuff a go as it really works. I highly recommend Isabelle to anyone who is considering counselling and needs clarity in their life” – Vanessa